sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2016

Underneath the bridge - Photoshoot for Murdering Lights

Happy Valentines Day!
' Whatever Happens ' is now available for free to download at SoundCloud.

Also like you may see everything looks different at my pages ( Facebook, YouTube, Instagram... ).
I've spent some chilly moments today outside at ' Murdering Lights ' album cover art photoshoot.
It was zero degrees outside and I was naked! No, I wasn't... Had pants on.

The song will be out four weeks from now - March 14th 2016.


OMG that text needs to be photoshopped away!

EDIT for the wrap up of 2016:

We used a cracked mirror to do the cover art:

The mirror got steamy outdoors so it pictured the depressed foggy feeling well when you want to just hide from the world