sunnuntai 12. kesäkuuta 2016

TonyGirl for the president of the United States!

Some news!

Matti Viikate asked if he could interview me for his blog and an article in english. I said sure, and he send me some questions. Then he said he's waiting for the article to get approved. I was like okay...? Didn't know where would it be. 
Next thing was he send me a link to Newsvine where the article was published. HERE in case you missed it on the frontpage of this site. 
I laughed for days since when I went to check out the Newsvine site in general I saw my face in the middle of news about politics and stuff like that. Like, who's not a part of the gang: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, TonyGirl, Hillary Clinton...? HAHA. And it's my freakin' selfie there! :D :D

In case there's someone who would like to support TonyGirl but doesn't know how. If the project is featured somewhere: Go and give some comments! Even a one word makes a comment and helps. Thank you!

Thank you again, Matti Viikate for the article and all your comments. I'm glad you like my music! 
And thanks for everyone who have read and commented and Liked. 
Means a lot. May the tonygirlpower be with you forever!

With Love, TonyGirl

This is me with my dad. Confused since then to the day.  The exact same look  was on my face when I saw the Newsvine site.