sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017

Black Label & Darkeness Stations + Kayak Big 25 Chart ( ' U. ' )

Yeaaah, I'm happy Black Label Station added ' U. '

If you like alternative hard rock, heavy metal, trash metal, garage punk, grunge and so on you might like the bands on the station. Here's the link. 

' U. ' is currently #21 on Kayak Big 25 Chart.
It debuted #25, then went #23 and now up again.
Thank you for listening! :)

Here's the link to the show if you wanna listen to some new music.

Murdering Lights was added to a station called Darkeness.
There are genres like gothic hard rock, punk pop, electronic industrial, gothic trance, hard alternative and so on. Interesting! I'm already finding something new to listen and adding them on my station here: TonyGirl's Favorites.

Grunge is not dead! I loved this one a lot: ' Save Me ' by Meat Moldy. Sexy vocals. ;)