Introducing some of my fave indie artists I've found from

I've been updating my TonyGirl's Favorites station at after finding some new fave's while giving my votes at Golden Kayaks 2017. I took the chance to find new music.  Btw, I can't remember who I vote anymore since there was so many good choices and some of the artists were nominated for many of their songs in different categories. But this post includes songs and artists not nominated this year so this is not about the competition. Just got inspired that's all.

I've also completed adding my comments of the songs. 


I was curious to find out if some of the artists have music videos or songs on YouTube.

Here are some I found.

Cat Dowling

I agree what is written on her IMP page: " A voice both hushed and passionate will bunch you in the gut. "

Ben Elliot

He won last year. What a beautiful voice and touching songs he has. 


So cute and love her graspy but tender voice. 

Elizabeth Harper

A bit like Nancy Sinatra. Smooth and melancholic. Calming. 

James Walker

Calming and touching. Soothes my shattered soul. Things will be okay. 


A bit like Dido. To all those who broke up after an abusive relationship. Powerful. 
Earworm. I wish she'd release more music. 

Juliette Lewis

I knew her from her famous movie roles ( Gilbert Grape, Basketball Diaries etc... ) but didn't know she is a rock chick as well. It's just my ignorance, I guess,  but here's the link anyways:


A funny video for a groovy song. Taiacore is an electro-acoustic indie-folk duo from Madrid. " She didn't love you " was the first song of theirs I started to like. 


Trippy, slow, dreamy, fresh. Like a nice bath after a long tiring day. Then the chorus will lift you up empowering. " Arlentide is the new musical project of brother and sister duo Renee and Terry Hibbert.Edgy, melancholy and sweetly spun with a web of deeply intertwined harmonies and hooks, Arlentide is a walk on the darker side of electro-pop. " A quote from their site. 


Indie pop band from Ukraine. I wrote:  " I like the artwork on the single cover. It takes you to the song. Mystique but groovy song. The singer's voice is cool. I bet he is a cool guy without knowing anything about him. I think he wears a hat. Now I know! He must be a HIPSTER! "

Now I found out he doesn't wear a hat but definitely a hipster band. He looks like Harry Potter.


Grunge! To be honest the song is way better than the video. The video is a bit messy. 


Hippies all over the place. 

Pop Noir

Groovy! Makes you wanna clap your hands, to dance and to sing along!

David Nyro 

If I find myself waiting for my life to start again I'll definitely listen to this. This also reminds me of Lenny Kravitz. But this is not a copycat. I love the piano and the mystical atmospheric sounds. Btw, I think this song has better sound quality at IMP.

Some artists did have their music on youtube but it was forbidden to watch from Finland. Some had their music there but the video quality was poor, like the live version of She Rose From The Dead's ' It's a trap little rat ' where people were talking loudly. I wanted to include Intro Signal's Crazy but there wasn't a video of the finished song. Inziee's Burning Hearts, wasn't there either. Huskerveil, Motorbaby, Sugarplum Fairies, SRU and Ana Lovelis didn't have her song Wet on YouTube.  And so on. 


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