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Golden Kayak Awards 2016 ' Murdering Lights ' got nominated in two categories

" The IAIA (International Academy of Independent Artists) is a group of artists (site supporters) who nominate their peers who then get voted on by the public, to recognize musical excellence for that year. The following winners were chosen by this procedure. " 

Indie Song Of The Year  - Didn't win that one but thank you for the nomination that was based on ' Murdering Lights ' being #1 on Kayak Big 25 Chart in 2016. 
Congratulations Steve Ison ' Love in a strange world ' is a great song!

The Best Alternative Song of the Year 2016 - ' Murdering Lights ' by TonyGirl

My trophy.

Thank you for the nominations and for voting for the song! 

Thank you, Scott Stambaugh, Eve Delvecchio, Zeeza and everyone else there who have made this possible! 

I dedicate this win to everyone involved in making ' Murdering Lights ':

M. Airikka
Tomi Korhonen/Rock Above Studio

I didn't do this alone. Thank you! <3 

The Fall Of Fame where you can find all the winners. 

A screenshot from The Fall Of Fame at

Golden Kayaks 2017

' Where Am I? ' was nominated in Alternative Retro & Psychedelic but didn't win. 
Congratulations for all the winners and thank you for nominating my song and thank you for voting!

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