The Funniest Making Of Documentary FILLED with bloopers is here!

Do you know the terms '  dark seduction ', ' angst-sitting ', passing by ' and the fact that if you wear animal tested make-up and cover it with cruelty free then it'll undo the harm?

If not, it's time to figure out what do normal people eat, how a music video is done at Korso and what confused TonyGirl underneath the bridge ( NEVER CONSIDER IT WHILE FILMING ).

Yep, click the video's play button and have a funny moment with the craziest crew ever. Share the fun with your friends at social media. Thank you!

Here are a few screenshots from the documentary with some comments from Tony the most unclear director ever.

We were filming during night between 26th and 27th of March. It's good to hurt some soul on Easter
I had some pressure when I found out Korso's center will be full of people for Country Fair on the 27th. I was afraid we didn't have enough time for the videoshoot. Glad we made it. 

This scene never made it to the video. This is a perfect example of my directing skills. Anssi did great job catching the feeling.

The point here is to think about how depressing summer can be. The idea is not to pretend it's summer. The snow is not so summerish.

Anssi never asked what the fff do I mean or laughed at me. This means " Oops, I pressed the zoom button and rolled the cam accidentally.  It's only a philosophical and more beautiful way to say it, right?

A good director gives some room to the actor. And you should never get undressed without a plan. There's a reason I'm not in this video nude. The reason is that I am an artist and a musician who must be taken seriously. I'm not an attention whore at all. 

Maybe one day I'll be on my video. When the hell freezes or something.

Yes! I really enjoyed this! I've always wanted to make music video's. I'll have like 2 or 3 more songs on the subject ( depression ) so who knows, maybe the depressed citizen of Korso will return someday! And we all know that in sequels you must have more violence ( SCREAM with me! )

If you keep your eyes open, you can find almost anything from Korso. But please do not move here. We don't want you to ruin our Korso. 

This footage was filmed without anyone realizing that the camera was on. I'm so glad no-one had sex during that 20 minutes. But I heard everything they said when I wasn't in the room. THUG LIFE!

Is it....? Could it be...? YES! It's  a definition of a music video! Excellent choice!

Anssi getting tired. 

So you think there's NO WAY there's going to be a music video after watching us making it?
You'll be seeing that SOON. Here's the teaser of the video in case you can't wait:



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