The tale of depressed one from Korso - Screenshot's from upcoming music video for ' Murdering Lights ' !

Like we all know my song ' Murdering Lights ' is about depression. In Finland the suicide statistics tell that most suicides happen springtime. The darkest month is May. The light changes and you are pressured to be happy and get things done since the sun is shining and the summer is around the corner. That can be hard for those who suffer from depression, anxiety and so on. In Finland our summer is so short and the winter is dark and cold.

 So the song was published at Spotify, Deezer and iTunes in March 14th 2016 and the video was shot during Easter at Korso, small place at Vantaa ( near Helsinki ) , Finland.

 I've lived here for a long time and this place is ranked to be one of the most restless, depressive ( and even scary ) there is at the area ( Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo... ). I've suffered from depression and anxiety but I like it here and even the reputation of Korso is bad, I think it's a nice place. The best one.

Anyways for the song the reputation is perfect! Here are a few screenshot's from the ' Murdering Lights ' music video that will be published on YouTube this sunday, May 29th 2016.

I hope the song and the video gives hope to those who wish to stay in the darkness and those who want to die. I don't anymore, and if you knew how deeply depressed I used to be you couldn't imagine I could ever be able to record a song and direct and shoot any music videos. And all those things you have to do like to rent lights and ask people to join the team. Doing their make-up and catering them... So, anything is possible! You can do things too and depression can one day be gone.

The video is starring my friend Anssi Lipsanen, who has survived from drug addiction and is working these days to help others and spread the knowledge on the subject. Thank you Anssi for being a part of my project and making this world a better place! ( someone is looking pretty damn good, btw... )

Underneath the same bridge where the promotion pictures for the song was taken in February. It was cold then, and it was cold when the video was shot! 

Not into answering.
Korso - the place to get depressed ( and happy ). Btw, if you've seen the movie called Korso, I'm sorry to say my video is way better...
The depressed one trying to make it to the social services

Poor cute thing...
Trying to break away from depression. This cage scene was filmed at a traffic circle. I had the vision for  at least a year before I got to shoot the video. Walking pass the place and thinking: One day I'll film a music video there unsure if I ever could. Now it's done!
I'll somehow get out of this state of mind. Murdering Lights...maybe this time.



  1. Soon I will see the video, the song is really good so I hope that the video will be too.

    1. Hello! It's nice to hear that you like the song! Have you already seen the teaser for the video and the Making of documentary? If not, take a visit to my YouTube Channel and have a look: and Thank you! :)


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